Our Professional Staff for Winter 2022-23 Session

Jess Marcinov Administrative/HD Coach (s[email protected])

Karen Collins Canskate Coach ([email protected])

Carol MacPherson – Power Skating Coach ([email protected])

Private Lesson Coaches:

Karen Collins ([email protected])

Jess Marcinov (s[email protected])

Meet O​ur Professional Staff

Jess Marcinov - Administrative/HD Coach/Private Coach [email protected]

Certified Canskate Coach April 2015, 

Certified Regional Coach Nov 2020. 

Assessor training 2017

Karen Collins - Canskate Coach/Private Coach  [email protected]

Coach Assessor Qualifications

NCCP certified Level II

NCCP Level III technical & theory

Power skating coach

Qualified Skills Coach Assessor

Code of Ethics: Coaches

Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders

Rowan's Law - Coaches and Officials

CANSkate Warm-ups, Cool Downs, Group Activity and Circuits

STAR 1-5

STAR 1-5 Assessor training

STAR 6 to Gold Skills

STAR 6- Gold Training: Artistic

STAR 6-Gold skills on ice Seminar

Creating Dynamic Warm-ups and Cool-downs

CANPowerSkate Instructor

Kidskate/Icebreakers Instructor

CanSkate/CanFigureskate Clinic Conductor

Carol MacPherson – Power Skating Coach [email protected]

This past September 2022 was my 41st Anniversary as a power skating instructor, resident of St. Clair Township and married to husband and fulltime farmer Gerry MacPherson, blessed with six children, all former hockey players. Over these last four decades, I have been fortunate to have a great home centre, Moore Sports Complex.

Along my journey, I have had great support from thee most honourable and successful mentors and minor hockey coaches. As well, I have worked many hours doing on ice re-entry and rehab for players injured with serious leg injuries (femur, fibula, tibia, ankle, knee). I’ve trained a skater that won her division at the Toronto Maple Leaf Skills Competition, worked with skaters that have played NHL games, past and current, hockey players at all levels of both minor, semi-pro and high school seniors scouted for NCAA Division One U.S. college scholarships.

I’m NOT near as limber as I was in 1981, but I do have forty-one years of knowledge, skill, expertise and passion for instructing POWER SKATING and I’ve experienced the enjoyment of seeing skaters perform with power, finesse, confidence, assertiveness, their head up, their stick down and respect for their sport.

As well, I am a certified Spinning Instructor, graduate of MAD Dogg Athletics, California. I have been instructing Spinning classes now for well over ten years.

I have valid CPR, AED, and Standard First Aid Certificates.