Frequently Asked Questions

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Q & A

Q: How young can my child learn to skate?

A: Each child's abilities are different, but skaters do start our Canskate program as early as 3 years of age. Our Club offers a 2 night trial for young children. Full registration is required, but if the skaters is not ready after the 2 sessions we offer a full refund. At this time Skate Canada is not allowing new/learn to skate skaters.   Please check back at this may change as Covid restriictions are lifted.

Q: Can a skater start in the middle of a season?

A: Yes, skaters can join at anytime in the season (where space is available). Discounted Registration is offered based on the session time remaining. 

Skate Canada Fee and Admin. fees still apply with any start date.

Q: What equipment does my skater need for Canskate/Starskate Sessions?

A:  Skaters will need sharp skates. Hockey or Figure skates - be sure they have good ankle support.

 Warm loose fitting cloths (snow pants are restrictive and so they should be avoided) 

Warm mittens that will stay dry for the whole session. 

No scarves

Hockey Helmet must be worn until the completion of level 5. 

Helmets must be CSA approved and not expired

(Bike helmets are not approved by Skate Canada)

Q: At what skill level is my skater ready for Power Skating?

A: Skaters are ready for Power Sessions when they can stand and skate in 

full gear with a hockey stick.

Q: What equipment does my Powers Skater need?

A: Full Hockey Gear and a Hockey stick are required for Power Sessions.

Q: Is there a Spring Power Session?

A: No the Summer Session are based of rink availability for Power Sessions. 

Q: When should my skater consider Private Lessons?    

A: Private lessons can be useful at any age or skill level. 

Most skaters complete the Canskate Program badges before considering a switch to Private Lessons.

When they are ready, the club has several Skate Canada Certified, Professional Coaches that offer Private lessons. Please see the Staff Page for contact information. Interview each Pro. and find the right fit for your skaters needs. (Note: Private lessons are billed to the skater by the Professional Coach (at the agreed to rate and paid directly to the coach). Ice is booked through the Club. 

Q: Does My Skater Have to Skate Ice Show?

A: All skaters are encouraged to participate in our Annual Ice Show, but it is not required.  Ice Show is an exciting event at the end of the season where the skaters have a chance to showcase what they have learned this past year to family and friends, in a fun setting. (Note: if your skater chooses not to participate please let your Session Professional know as early as possible so your skater is not included in costume plans etc...)

Q: Who are the  Program Assistances on the Canskate/Starskate/Power Sessions?

A: Programme Assistances (PA's) are skaters who help the Professional Coaches 

during General Sessions. They are volunteers.

Q: How do I complete my required Volunteer hours?

A: Volunteer hours can be obtained through varies assignments and activities including Club Bingos. Please stop by the volunteer table at the next session for available volunteer opportunities. Ice Show hours will be offered closer to and on Ice show day. Please check back in the New Year for more details.

Q: I am interested in the running of the club. How can I become more involved?

A: Parents, Grandparents and other members are always encouraged to participate in club activities. 

If you are interested in running for our board of directors or sit on a special committee, please contact us and we will show you how.  We currently are looking for 2 parents/guardians to sit our our

 current board.

Let us know if you are interested. 

Q: Where can my skater get ready to go on ice?

A: Fall/Winter 2021 - Skaters and a parent/guardian have access to a designated dressing room 20 min. before and after the session.  You can also put skates on at the benches provided in the rink.

(please do not use the outer hall ways for tying skates)

Q: Does my skater need to wear a mask?

A: Masks must be worn till the skater reaches the ice surface. 

Q: Can I watch my skater?

A: Parents/guardians may watch from the stands, following all rink Covid Screening and protocols,

including wearing a  mask at all times. Please check Moore Sport Complex for the complete list of Rules and Restrictions.

Check back often as regulations can change during as legislation is past down.